History of Gamma Zeta

“And they said, the ques gonna be - and WE WERE!”


In the Fall of 1972, Bro. Charlie Dixon, initiated at Rho Psi Chapter (Tennessee State University) gathered several young men of similar ideals and goals to discuss the plight of African American men on a predominately white college campus. The need to bond together for academic support, to increase cultural awareness on campus, and promote community involvement was the start of the process for organizing the first black fraternity on Mercer University’s campus. On September 19, 1972, the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was founded by Brother Dixon with the assistance of the Lambda Phi Chapter (Macon, GA Graduate Chapter).  Through their cooperative spirit – and some Blood, Sweat, and Tears – Gamma Zeta Chapter received its charter on May 2, 1973.

The members of the Charter Line were Bro. Charlie Dixon (Chapter Founder), Bro. Monnie Brabham, Bro. Leonard Hardin, Bro. Rick Massey, Bro. Roderick English, Bro. Billy Smith (Omega Chapter), Bro. Harold Brown, Bro. Lonnie Askew and Bro. Marvin Bailey.

Since that time, God has blessed Gamma Zeta to produce quality brothers with excellence as our standard and service to man as our purpose. The Supreme Basileus, in His wise providence, has also selected four of our beloved brothers – Bro. Monnie Brabham (Spr. 1972), Bro. Billy Smith (Spr. 1972), Bro. Sylvester “Sly” Bailey (Spr. 1975), and Bro. Curtis Armstrong (Spr. 2001) – for Omega Chapter. We remember and honor them forever; for we are and will be because they were.




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